One Step at a Time

Hola todos!

This past week has been a gradual recovery since losing my belongings. However, I now have another phone which will allow me to communicate much more efficiently. It is going to allow me to function a lot better when traveling as well for directions and such. This week was another major step because it was the first instance of traveling out of Barcelona. Through my program provider, I was able to travel to Girona. Girona is a place for Game of Thrones fans because it was filmed there. It was exciting to see all of the locations that made their appearance in the show.

Now, it is time for me to plan excursions for future weeks to make my way around Spain and then through Europe. As of right now Sevilla and Granada are at the top of my list for locations in Spain. For the rest of Europe, the first trip planned is to spend two days in Paris and two in Brussels. The goal is to make it around at the lowest cost possible. That requires some major research but it is worth it if it doesn’t break the bank.

Today, is a beautiful, sunny day in Spain. It is 75 degrees and the sun is shining bright. On a Sunday, there is only one move with this kind of weather…….the beach. It is convenient to be able to take the metro to go to the beach in 30 minutes. The last day before another week in class, but that is not the worst thing! Classes are amazing here. To be able to travel to museums for an art class and to learn history in Spain as history is being created, is an amazing opportunity. I may have the chance to see Catalonia break away from Spain into its own independent country. I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.


Pick Pocketed


It seems that the good luck that I had in the airport did not last as long as I had hoped. As I was traveling through a busy, night life area, my pockets were picked. My phone is now somewhere in Barcelona, while I try to adapt to traveling and communicating with those around me in some fashion. It has definitely made the last few days difficult to adapt to. However, I am determined to not let it hold me back. It can happen anywhere to anyone, and you just need to be prepared to get back up on your feet.

Over the last few days, trips included; a Picasso museum, a local bar to see how a FC Barcelona game can inspire excitement, and a hike through the mountains of Barcelona right outside the city. These are definitely fun ways to initially get involved  in the city life. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to communicate to help with traveling through Spain and Europe.

Hasta Luego!

Barcelona Bound

Hola!! I am currently on my way to my final destination of Barcelona, Spain. As of right now, I am sitting in Toronto Pearson Airport. This is my only layover on the trip. However, the fact that this is my only layover is lucky. When I arrived to Newark International Airport, an individual working the boarding pass line switched my flight pattern to only one layover. Originally, I was destined to go from Newark, then to Ottawa, then Toronto, and lastly, Barcelona. The exchange of flights did not shorten the length of my travel, but it did make it much easier to complete this trek. Maybe, well…. hopefully, this is a good sign of what is to come. Luck seems to be on my side as of right now, and I hope it stays that way.

As I wait here in Toronto, I am attempting to put together ideas of possible excursions I will take throughout Spain. With places like Sevilla, Granada, and Valencia, I am sure to have amazing experiences all over España. My residence is actually right next to La Sagrada Familia, which is Antoni Gaudí’s massive cathedral. I am in the heart of Barcelona, and I hope that this will allow me to immerse myself into the culture as much as I possibly can.

Now it is only a matter of time till I board that last flight to Barcelona. I will update you all with my initial experiences as soon as I can. Hasta luego!